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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 10, 2013 11:10pm-12:00am PST

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played a role and several people calling in a possible sighting from a lowe's home improvement store in north ridge. officers swarmed the storm searching cars and locking down the area. turned out to be another false alarm, however. meantime, police now say they will investigate dorner's k4r5iclaim that he was wrongfully fired. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say this is christopher dorner, dumping a gun belt, a helmet, and lapd uniform and ammunition the morning after his first two murders. the surveillance video captured across the street from a san diego police station. >> the helmet was sitting right up top. and the magazine and the belt was hidden under the boxes. >> reporter: the former cop now fugitive accused of killing three and wounding two others was fired from the lapd after making false complaints about his training officer. now the los angeles police chief says a week after the killing spree began, he will reopen
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dorner's case. >> people think that maybe there is something to what he says. and i want to put that to rest. the only way i know how to put that to rest is to review what has already been reviewed at multiple levels. >> reporter: are tired police chief ran the force when dorner was fired in 2008. >> the termination would definitely be just. it's a comprehensive process the department goes through. you just don't fire somebody without significant evidence or information. >> reporter: having alluded one of the largest man hunts in state history, the search for dorner in the mountains is in its fourth day win vest gath investigators now saying they have discovered a cache of weapons and gear in his truck. this is a bulletin to regional airports warning the former navy reservist may have flight training. last night a moment of silence for monica killed last sunday.
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police sources say in the days following her murder a man claiming to be dorner called her father, a former lapd captain to taunt him saying he failed to protect his daughter. >> this is pouring salt into an open wound of this captain who's lost his daughter and now being punished and repunished just like chis fer dorner feels he was punished. >> bring you the latest developments on the search for dorner both on air and online at just search manhunt. palo alto police released a sketch tonight for a man wanted for an armed robbery this weekend. he's described as a black man, 30 years old, 5'8" with a thin build. police say the robbery happened yesterday morning at an apartment complex not far from 101 and oregon expressway. the male victim just parked on the carport when the suspect took his gun and ran away. the victim w not injured. detectives are looking into whether there was any connection
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of the armed robbery a couple weeks ago. the descriptions of the gunmen in both cases are similar. one of the men hired to help turn around oakland's crime problem laid out some of his plans at a community meeting tonight. he's being paid a six figure contract for his advice but the big question is whether this time will result in a significant change. nbc bay area's monte francis is in oakland tonight with more on that for us. >> reporter: good evening. robert wasserman's firm $250,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the police dem and then make recommendations. he says he's still in the stage of gathering information but he did make some suggestions tonight. speaking to a packed community meeting at holy names university, police and consultant robert wasserman says he senses a desire in oakland for action and change when it comes to the city's growing crime problem. >> whether it's from rest dens of this area or folks that occupy it, it doesn't matter.
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there is energy. we have to get that energy focused. >> reporter: focusing that energy wasserman says means moving to a neighborhood policing model and rebuilding trust between the police officers and the community. it also means, he says, applying something called the broken windows theory. >> and there's a broken window and someone doesn't fission it you will get another broken window and the whole area will eventually deteriorate which e creates a breeding ground for crime. >> joe bratton has sparked controversy. with the homicide rate at a six-year high in 2012, and violent crime up 23%, some residents aren't convinced wasserman or bratton can help. >> nothing much new. a lot of this same story we've been hearing for quite a long time. >> very hopeful that they can connect. a lot of times you have planning but the action behind it, the follow-up never takes place. >> reporter: both the mayor and the police chief are optimistic.
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>> we've seen where we tried this in sepecific areas that th pilots have worked in so we're ready to go. >> i think we can do it. i think we can do it. i want to be the person sitting in that seat when we do it. >> reporter: and wasserman expects to hold several public meetings like this and then come up with a plan within the next five months. he says at the end of this process, oakland will be a different city. live in oakland tonight, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. a minister who lost his post at the oldest black church in los angeles has now been fired from bethel ame in san francisco. reverend john hunter was moved here by the church in october after leading the first ame in l.a. for eight years. during that time he was the subject of a federal tax investigation, a sexual harassment lawsuit, and accused of misusing church funds. the small congregation in san francisco rejected the pastor. hunter filed a lawsuit for physically barring him from the pulpit. church officials are investigating but refused his
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request to be returned to the helm at the los angeles church. people in san francisco could end up footing a chunk of the bill for the america's cup with just six months to go before racing begins efforts to bring in major donors are stalled. "the chronicle" is reporting organizers raised $14 million to so far. less than half of what they need. police, clean-up, transportation, and other expenses are expected to cost $34 million. also the race was originally pitched as a competition between as many as 12 international teams. now just three teams are confirmed. that makes it less expensive but also scaring away some big sponsors. and barry bonds is due back in court this week to overturn his conviction. nearly two areas ago bonds was convicted of a felony for giving misleading testimony to a federal grand jury testimony. a three-judge panel is due to hear arguments on wednesday. his lawyers argue that bond was handed a felony for giving a rambling answer but he did tell
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the truth. prosecutors say the answer impeded the grand jury's investigation. amazing video to show you tonight. tornado ripped through the town of t hattiesburg, mississippi, tonight tonight causing major damage. the fire official says the twister has caused major damage in the city and on the campus of the university of southern mississippi. although authorities in town say there have been no verified reports of injuries the national weather service reports injuries in nearby marion county. right now let's check in with rob and the weather going on around here. not that crazy. >> much different story than what we're seeing in the bay area. southea southeast, rare overnight combination of conditions that are strong enough to produce overnight tornadoes through dixie alley. this is stretching from mississippi, alabama, georgia, and like the storms we see here, the strong thunderstorms we see around the bay area, these are seeing strong jet stream higher up and winds at the surface coming off the gulf of mexico out of the southeast that
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generate strong rotating updrafts that have already produced a dozen tornadoes from mississippi and alabama. tonight, southwestern georgia and the florida panhandle can see a few more before daybreak tomorrow. here, just completely dry. chilly night. you're going to wake up to 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning. not much wind right now. enough breeze out of the north and some of the foothills and hilltop locations tonight may stay warmer. may see a few more 40s for tomorrow morning. shouldn't see upper 20s like this morning. things continue to stay dry. how dry? going back to the beginning of the year through today, this is the driest start, 2013 for all of the cities you see here, sonoma, napa, sfo, redwood city, oakland, concord, hayward, santa cruz running the driest for this record. now, because december was such a wet start to the rainfall season, seasonal totals not looking too bad. but if we stay dry now in the next two weeks, typically one of the wettest times of the year
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you're going to see these numbers start to drop off even though the snow pack is better than last year which was bone dry. again, these numbers tarting to come down now and starting to lose a chance of seeing rain in the forecast. the culprit is a blocking ridge of high pressure which is taking the active storm track off to the north and subtropical jets to the south. h is going to lead to some clear skies. warm temperatures through the week. warmest day is wednesday, thursday, friday. instead of talking about rain you're going to see this tomorrow. mostly clear skies. patchy of low clouds. morning temperatures, mostly mid 30s to some low 40s for tomorrow morning. and high temperatures tomorrow, a little bit warmer than today. probably about the same range. near 60 in san jose. low to mid 60s around the tri valley. head back to san francisco and oakland, highs in upper 50s to 62 in oakland and low to mid 60s around the north bay. the time of year where you get a lot of snow, a lot of rain. snow in the sierra, seven-day forecast. instead, it's going to be nice to be outside.
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almost going to feel guilty when you've got 60s and 70s. best weather in the country happening here for the end of this week. that will take us you valentine's day and the president's holiday weekend but could use rain and snow. everybody that we're seeing on the computer model is a cooldown for next weekend but still staying dry through that seven-day forecast and even beyond the next seven days. it's time for us to get a little snow. >> we could use a little bit. >> yes. >> i'm not going to feel guilty. all right. this is not a story about a few dirty restaurants. it's about 6,000 of them in silicon valley. still ahead, the investigative unit goes undercover to expose the broken system and the inspection reports you've never seen. then it could be the next big thing. we'll have the information on what apple is reportedly working on next. and the stars were out for the grammy awards. the big winners in the bay area connection. we'll be right back. ♪ februany any!
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this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ could apple's next big thing be a smart watch? sources say apple's working on a prototype for a watch. think of it like an iphone on
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your wrist. rumor has it the watch would operate on apple's ios software and the glass would somehow curve around your wrist. apple officials refused to comment on the reports but it would be interesting given the fact that iphone has directly reduced the number of regular watches being sold in the u.s. and elsewhere. tonight the grammy awards recognize the best music of the past year. the stars filed in for the 55th annual music celebration looking fantastic as usual. it seems they almost all followed the cbs dress code. record of the year for "somebody i used to know." mumford and sons took album of the year for "babel." and song of the year are "we are young" by fun. bay area's own symphony took home some hardware for best performance. >> congratulations to the symphony. >> won it 14 times before. right now we're checking with in mindy at comcast sports
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neck for a look at what's coming up. >> hooir, the cal bears made one major change and pulled off a college basketball upset in the desert. and for one alum, picture per fek day at pebble beach didn't quite equal a perfect finish. highlights in the pro am next in sports.
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the game time came out of cal in 2003 he shot at a pro golf career didn't quite work out the way he wanted so he left the sport for the working world but he could not get the sport out of his system. after jobz in advertising and real estate he got a part-time job selling shoes show he could work on his game. that seemed like the right decision for the now 31-year-old. final round at the pebble beach national pro-am, brent snedeker entered the day with the share
11:26 pm
of the lead can hahn. snedeker was not going to give it up. this is his second shot on the second hole, par 5. that would put him in position for eagle and sole possession of the lead. on the short par 3, one of three birdies for snedeker. he began to distance helms from the field. hahn first season of the card-carrying member on the pga tour, 16, he makes dibirdie. shot a final round of 70 and finished tied for third. not too bad. jim harbaugh on the 18th ball. putting for birdie. just missed it. tapped it in. great time. smile and a tip of his cap. snedeker on 18. the short par putt, first win of the season as a result of that. his wife mandy along with their young daughter lily and son austin, giving daddy a big hug
11:27 pm
for a job well-done. >> it's a huge relief. you know, i guess i got lucky that tiger woods and phil mickelson were not in front of me today. it was a lot of fun to be out there on pebble beach on a beautiful day like this. play with a good friend of mine from nashville, tennessee. it's special. >> i feel like the there is another opportunity that i would be able to take advantage of it later in the year. but the timing has to be right. i'm having fun out here. just kind of taking it day by day. >> it sure was nice. just the folksous here, from the kids to, you know, adults, 49ers fans, saying so many encouraging things. appreciated. it means a lot. cal down by five on the road against number seven arizona at the half. second half they came out firing. hit their first five shots. alan crab from deep also picks up the one. that caps a 17-2 run to put cal up by ten. but the wild cats still firing
11:28 pm
back. mark lions from deep. two-point game. game high, 31 points. cal really made the difference when they switched their zone defense in the second half and they pull off an upset. 77-69. they will play ucla at home next on valentine's night. can you believe it? spring training starts tomorrow. it's only february 11th. i'm still trying to wrap my head around it. we will have all of your coverage of the as and giants this week. oakland. spring training. catchers a s and pitchers repo monday. >> i'm ready. >> spring weather to go with it. >> post football season. >> you've had a week. you're fine. >> thanks, mindy. still ahead at 11:00, investigative unit reporter goes under cover to expose a broken system and the restaurant inspection reports you've never seen. then, killing cancer with a virus. the promising new local
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research. and the state of the union. what the president is expected to discuss in tuesday's address. we'll be right back.
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when it comes to dining out our minds are usually on the food and not necessarily the rest rapt's kitchen rating. most counties have some way of scoring kitchens whether it's points, colors, or letter grades. >> if there's one bay area county that doesn't have a scoring system of any kind.
11:31 pm
we dug through years of rest ran inspection reports in santa care clara county. tonight her investigation reveals a broken system in silicon valley. >> have you ever been shut down or anything? >> 25 years. >> have you ever been shut down? >> no. >> never shut down? >> no. >> reporter: these restaurant employees don't know they're on camera. >> have you ever had problems here or anything? >> no. >> reporter: those answers are not true. as you're about to see, when it comes to health code violations in santa clara county, diners are left in the dark. how important is it that the public is aware of what's happening a restaurants? >> oh, it's very important. >> reporter: meet heather forshee in charge of the restaurant inspections. since there is no grading system the only way to know if a restaurant has been shut down and why is to schedule an appointment to view the records. but state law does require all restaurants keep a copy of the most recent inspections on hand. if you ask to see it, they have to show it to you.
11:32 pm
so we tested the system to see who was willing -- we want to look at your latest inspection report before we eat. >> reporter: -- to share. >> i can't. >> reporter: he's the manager of this denny's in sunnyvale. >> denny's is different, we have different procedures. we don't share our inspections to our customers. >> how are we supposed to know if it's clean or not? >> it's clean. i mean, fits not clean, they shut us down simple you ever been shut down? >> never. >> reporter: the documents show it was shut down in 2011 because of roaches. they found more roaches living at denny's just last summer. kobe in santa clara claim it was best restaurant known for sushi bar, known by inspectors at the cockroaches at that sushi bar. it was shut down last summer. >> have you ever been shut down or anything? >> 25 years. >> instead of showing us the report they showed us the door.
11:33 pm
>> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: this is yummy buffet in south san jose. the latest inspection report. 16 violations. >> i don't know what they have, what they put in it. >> okay. >> reporter: of the ten rest rans we visited, only one showed us the report. >> oh, great. let's chick it out. >> is this acceptable? >> that is not acceptable. i am disappointed that the restaurants are not providing you with truthful information, any member of the public. what i do want to emphasize is that the public can get this information other ways. >> reporter: like going to the county's website. but even if you go to the trouble to look it up, the information is vague. while it shows categories of violations, it doesn't give any details of what inspectors found. take these two restaurants.
11:34 pm
both cited for vermen. one major, one minor. what does that mean? we pulled the files. the minor violation was for fresh rodent droppings and one rat caught. major was for a dead fly in the whiskey. these two restaurants show enforcement action taken. but why? files show one was closed for a fire, the other, infested with cockroaches. this report on a fast food chain in san jose just says enforcement action. >> i'd have to look at the file and look at this a little bit more closely. this is the first time i've seen it. >> reporter: how are customers supposed to know what this means if you don't know what it means. >> again, i'm looking at this right now for the first time and i would want to take a look at this a little bit more closely. and review it before i can respond to this particular case. >> do you see why i'm having trouble looking at this, how someone at home could have trouble understanding what that
11:35 pm
means? >> yes. i agree that there are -- there are improvements that can be made in this system. >> i think santa claire are county could do more to help people understand what that information means. >> reporter: dr. phil lip leslie is a professor. he conducted this study in the los angeles after the city started the letter grading system. he found food born illnesses dropped almost 30% in three years. he says having information in the window incentivizes restaurants to stay clean and allows diners to make an educated choice of where to eat without having to ask. >> even if all restaurants did have that information on hand, at the restaurant itself, people are still not going to ask for it. that's an awkward moment in a restaurant. you don't want to start out that way. >> reporter: and even if you don't, in santa clara county, sometimes the answer is hard to swallow.
11:36 pm
>> better go home, cook yourself. >> all right. we reached out to management at every rest ran you sue in n. this report. most were unaware of the law. all told us they will educate their employees. denny's is reminding each one in california. she looked into revamping the program in a year but no changes yet. she added that inspectors will be reminding restaurants of the law. if you have a tip for our invest gave it unit, give us a call. san francisco police are searching for a gunman after a deadly overnight shooting. police say they responded to calls of shots being hired in the alamo square neighborhood on the intersection of hayes and webster streets just after 2:00 this morning. they found a 23-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. he dater died at the hospital, as of now, no rest, no known motive for the killing. police are asking anyone with information to call the san
11:37 pm
francisco police department. last-minute legislation will be a thing of the past in sacramento in a pair of state lawmakers will get their way. frustrating some lawmakers. the practice is lufb used on budget bills. identical bills from senators from both sides of the aisle would require all legislation to be in print on and line for 72 hours before it comes up with a vote. the legislation with a constitutional amendment so voters could have to sign off on it as well. >> robert gates is weighing in on drones and the president's ability to order driks on his own. in the past four years, 3,000 people have been killed by drones. three of them americans believed to be working with terrorists. gates said while he doesn't think president power the power, future presidents could. the comes after a week after john brennen confirmed as the head of cia. during his confirmation hearing
11:38 pm
he faced quite a bit of criticism about his use of drone slacks. tuesday night, president obama will deliver his state of the union address. nbc's peter alexander reports that the economy will be the president's major theme. heading into his fifth annual address, they say mr. obama will focus on jobs and the economy, echoing familiar themes about strenght the strengthening the middle class. >> oefsh economy grows when everybody is getting a fair shot and shake. >> reporter: he will emphasize the value of spending on education to give americans the skill they need. infrastructure like roads, research, including clean energy technology and manufacturing. the inauguration was more about the underdog. if this is about people that have already made it but the american dream is fading and he's got their backs.
11:39 pm
>> reporter: adding to the urgency of tuesday's speech, the looming zi sequester deadlines that from march 1th in across the board cuts are start to take effect. >> it couldn't have any more self-inflicted wonds. the economy is pose r poised to take off. >> reporter: the president warning those cuts could cause a huge blow to the economy. we certainly blow more tax revenue as a solution. >> every time you turn around the answer is to raise taxeses. you know, he just got his tax hike on the wealthy. you can't in this town every three months raise taxes. >> reporter: well some of the president's most patr, among america's top concerns, mr. obama is expected to cast in economic terms as well. citing along other things, the den fits of at tracking the world's best mind. the president's tone will matter, too. as he faces a choice between confrontation and compromise.
11:40 pm
>> he can continue the approach he's taking, which is very much an outside game. pressure of the congress. turn up the heat. or he can go for a more conciliato conciliatory. >> nbc's peter alexander is reporting. we will have live coverage about the 125i9's union address. coverage begins at 5:45. in the northeast. record breaking snowfall gave way to a massive clean-up today. there was a waiting game. waiting for power to come back on. roads to be cleared and tons of snow to be moved. trfgs starting moving again slowly. >> we've been trying to get on the planes, trains, can and automobiles. >> reporter: planes made it back on to the runway. the president declared a federal energy in connecticut and at least 12 people died in the storm. many schools and government offices will be closed on monday as the digging out continues. it's one of largest drills
11:41 pm
ever held in the bay area. we'll show you rags rolling chaos. and ringing in the lunar new year. how people celebrate it across the bay area. >> the new workweek looking like the weather we saw over the weekend. clear skies in san francisco. frosty night ahead. but an unusual warm seven-day forecast. we'll look at that when we come right back.
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chaos rolled through fremont today but it was only a drill. fire, police, military and other agencies responded to a large scale simulated disaster with hundreds of fictional casualties in operation roving chaos. it was one of the largest exercises ever held in the bay area with 15 agencies participating. >> these are all agencies that would typically respond if there is a large casualty event. we're trying to improve the coordination. we're trying to decrease the amount of time that it takes to get injured people over to the hospital. so that if a large-scale event happens agencies know who's doing what. >> officials say these drills provide critical information for their difficults a center response plans. thousands of people are celebrating the lunar new year. fireworks and music welcome the year of the snake in san francisco. chinatown was mobbed with shoppers getting ready for large
11:45 pm
traditional meals and celebrations that will run for the next couple of weeks. most financial experts out there will tell you to make business decisions with your head, not your heart. but we're introducing one woman in the south bay who chose not to follow thatted advice. >> we have tonight the "pay area proud." >> reporter: when your business runs on a steady diet of ham and eggs, regular customers are your bread and butter. and if bobby's coffee shop in cupertino there's been no regular irregular than janet dancer. >> just about every day. >> reporter: just about every day for 25 years. janet and her husband bill slid into their favorite corner booth at bobby's. every day, that is, until bill passed away five years ago. >> i have an excellent idea. >> reporter: janet didn't stop
11:46 pm
coming, though. the place had become too big a part of her life to stay away. >> it was tough the first couple of times i came by myself. but everybody made me welcome. i used to see people come in with old cars. >> reporter: january t net even started helping out around the place, filling coffee cups, cleaning plates, was that all came to an end when bobby's was shut down last summer. not just janet but a whole lot of regulars have lost their favorite place to eat and a piece of cupertino history was about to disappear unless a new owner stepped in and one did. >> i want to welcome you. >> reporter: janice. >> and i hope everybody is well for you. >> fantastic. >> reporter: it was an idea she and her son bill came up with. >> do you want a business? >> and i said, yes. and then i said, oh, my, what did i do? you know? >> reporter: well, what we can tell you is what she hasn't done. >> cupertino has really been
11:47 pm
great. >> reporter: changed a thing. not the menu, no t the prices, not the staff, and certainly not that corner booth. >> every time i look at the booth i get -- my husband is there, you know. so we opened two weeks ago. >> reporter: janet it turns out has always wanted to own her own business but her late husband never felt the timing was right. maybe after all, it wasn't that the time wasn't right, it was the place. >> i don't think that any other business would have worked. >> it was meant to be? >> yes, i think so. i really think so. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> you loved the story the second time you saw it tonight? >> it's that corner booth that gets me every time. >> let's go to rob miata. >> that food looked pretty good. coaching midnight.
11:48 pm
getting hungry here. clear says. a little bit of wind in the hills. that should keep temperatures up in the higher 70s. not much wind right now. not much in the way of rain. that's the big story this week. high pressure which is just the big wall here. and the pacific just off to our west as you can see as we switch over to this view. showing you the mid level moisture. this thing is like a big leaf blower in the sky here. it would make way up to the north. north of washington right now. and more kind of diving by to the south south of southern california. as long as it's high, holds its position. we are not going to see rain certainly through at least friday. as we head towards next weekend, the high is going to weeken enough to allow one system to come on by. just like we are just to cool us down. dry weather can't here in the forecast. hour by hour if your forecast tomorrow. later on on the coast as we pass
11:49 pm
3:00 afternoon hours until about seven, eight, 9:00, maybe some fog. trying to reapproach the coastline there. just like we saw today, 60s for highs. tuesday looks similar. things start to change as we get towards wednesday, friday, saturday. that's when things start to warm up. hi pre pressure will be at the strongest. we should see highs getting close to 70. this is a few clots south of san jose, maybe the tri valley. see those numbers thursday into friday. next week, that system is dropping in, looks like clouds. the best chance for rain at this point, one system on the 19th and 20th and after that it dries out again. so it seems like this pat southern is going to be around for a while. if you want to plan way ahead, the following tuesday or wednesday, probably see a chance of rain. >> yeah. >> yeah. in the meanwhile, we'll enjoy the sus spoin. >> at 11:00, a new research.
11:50 pm
>> why a special valentine's party at a local hospital.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
researchers at san francisco based jennerex says the smallpox vaccine is showing promise against liver cancer. it shrunk tumors. they are competing with other companies to affect and destroy cancer cells. if the therapy works it be can used to enhance chemotherapy or used on its own. valentine's day is extra special for children who received life saving heart
11:53 pm
surgery. 500 children have surgery at the children's heart surgery every year to correct congenital heart defects. they gathered to celebrate life. they throw them a special valentine's party and it's a reunion for the families with a common and very intense bond. >> he has three things wrong with his heart. basically what they did was they repaired a hole and a muscle of his heart and then they took the right ventricle, opened it up, used his own tissue and repaired that right ventricle. >> that little tiny heart. all right. this was the hospital's 13th annual celebration for the families and the children. still ahead at 11:00, the sparks were certainly flying. we'll show you the unique performance. you can't move the tv there.
11:54 pm
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it's molten iron being thrown against a cold wall. the sparks burst into the night sky to create what looks like fireworks. traditional performance in northern china. the city celebrated the lunar new year this way for more than 500 years. >> how is he not catching on fire, is my question. >> because he's been doing it for so long they know how to avoid it. >> apparently. >> like a flare. >> it looks a little dangerous. >> it's not that hot maybe. i'm rooming the dice here. i don't know. >> they're being hit. >> they're being hit but they don't care. it's a tradition. people in china and most asian countries are celebrating the first lunar year, the year of the blackwater snake lasts until january 31st of last year. >> not just a snake, a blackwater snake. >> interesting. >> now we know. >> if you can't have rain, might as well enjoy the sunshine. >> second half of the week looks warmer. clouds and cooling next weekend. dry. seven-day forecast. >> thanks for watching "nbc bay area news." ♪
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you. >> the time for change has come! chris: we're facing another cliff. automatic cuts including big chops in defense that some republicans actually want. who would get hurt most? the commander in chief, that's who.
11:59 pm
who gets hurt by the cuts? the obama economy, that's what. will the president use his state of the union to scare congress? drilling on. democrat or republican, a president's job is to defend the country. drones do that job and reach terrorist plotters scheming in far away countries. you got a better weapon? finally, i could almost cry, love you so. teddy roosevelt's letter, ronald reagan to nancy, you're life itself. valentine's, a peek at the private world of our presidents. hi, i'm chris matthews and welcome to the show. with us today "time's" joe klein, cnn gloria borger, "new york times" elisabeth bumiller and "the washington post," david ignatius. first up, president obama will face congress tuesday night and try to drive a wedge between the country and his hard right opponents. look at the cloud of the most used words in the last 50 years of the state of the union addresses, number one word in 50 years, "more." presidents for five decades have used the state of the


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